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2014 Thistle Wild Turkey Regatta Recap

Posted by on September 23, 2014


Dieball Sails cruise to 1st, 2nd and 4th place finishes at the Wild Turkey Regatta!

Eleven boats made the trip to Milledgeville, GA, from points as far as Charlotte, Birmingham, and Jacksonville. Temps were warm without being oppressive. Wind was typical for Lake Sinclair, that is, very shifty at 10-14 with puffs to 20. One had to pay attention to avoid going for a swim in the warm lake water. (Don't ask me how i know it was warm!)

We got in three very good races on Saturday and then adjourned to the point for munchies, followed by a bbq dinner with all the trimmings. Sunday morning dawned clear and cool and, unfortunately, totally windless. By the time anything decent (but not wonderful,mind) had filled in around 11 am, a majority of the fleet were packing to go home, so that was our regatta. Congrats to Mark Reddaway and Jack Smith for bringing 3976 home for yet another Wild Turkey triumph. Wild turkey first-timer Sean Adams, sailing with Pete Gregory, came in a close second, with Loy Vaughan/Andrew Phillips in third. Complete results are below.

After awards had been displayed, there was a brief, but gratifying, discussion about how to continue to promote the regatta. Several sailors expressed an interest in writing to the OSYC Commodore to express their thanks and enthusiasm for the yearly time on Lake Sinclair. Those who are so inclined can write to the Commodore at:

OSYC Commodore
c/o Jay Harrell
2710 Henderson Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30341

The Schultzes and Mahaneys thank you for your continued support, and we'll look forward to hosting you again next year.

Jack Mahaney
Fleet Sec'y

1. 3976 Reddaway/Smith 2-1-2, 5
2. 1959 Adams/Gregory 1-5-1, 7
3. 4007 Vaughan/Phillips 4-2-3, 9
4. 4031 Wagner/Wagner 8-3-4, 15
5. 3989 Shively/Vandeputte 5-4-10, 19
6. 3813 Wert/King/Munday 7-6-6, 19
7. 3680 Anderson/Lund 6-8-7, 21
8. 3001 Reddaway/Reddaway 10-7-5, 22
9. 3951 Gise/Gise/Gise 3-9-DNF, 24
10. 3818 Mahaney/Burnham 11-10-8 29
11. 2177 Newnham/Newnham/Cooper 9-11-9, 29

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