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News - Great Lakes Districts

Lightning Great Lakes - Districts: Indiana, Ohio and Michigan - North 1,2,3 in all of them!

Posted by on 22nd Jun 2015

A wonderful plan to combine a number of events into one was formed over the winter months and this past weekend, over 35 boats entered all vying for one of many prizes. The host club of North Cape Yacht Club is no stranger to holding big Lightning events and they again did a great job!

Saturday’s racing was sailed in a 12-15 knot easterly that kicked up the waves on Western Lake Erie. The tough driving conditions and volatile winds had competitors and race officers on their toes all day. PRO Tim Rumptz and his team of mark-setters worked all day keeping up with the wind. In the end, three great races were sailed. Leader at the cocktail party was Todd Wake with crew Kristine Wake and Doug Wake. They had a very consistent 3,1,1 and were on the good end of a few big shifts. A few points back was Skip Dieball with crew Laurie Dieball and Mike Stark with 1,4,2. Tight scores in spots 3-6 would set the stage for some great racing on Sunday.

Sunday dawned with a light westerly wind….coming from the shore. This would make for some tight racing with lots of windshifts. Jim Allen with crew Tyler Allen and Jane Allen came out smokin with a nice Race 4 win. They would set the pace for much of Sunday and did a great job of getting off the starting line in phase straight-away. Jim finished the day with 2,3 and moved up to 2nd overall. Skip’s team posted a consistent 2,3,2 to seal up the victory.

Congrats to the winners:

Great Lakes Championship
1-Skip Dieball, Laurie Dieball, Mike Stark (MF-2, JF-2, R2)
2-Jim Allen, Tyler Allen, Jane Allen (M5, 5A+, R2)
3-Todd Wake, Kristine Wake, Doug Wake (M5, R75, R2)

Michigan District Championship
1-Skip Dieball, Laurie Dieball, Mike Stark (MF-2, JF-2, R2)
2-Jim Allen, Tyler Allen, Jane Allen (M5, 5A+, R2)
3-Tom Klaban, Mark Whatley, Gaspard Mosquet (M5, R75, R2)

Ohio District Championship
1-Sjoerd-Jan Vanderhorst, Kathy Vanderhorst, Annika Vanderhorst (M5, 5A+, R2)
2-Mike Thomas, Bill Thomas, John O’Brien (M5, 5A+, MAX-O)
3-Tom Varley, Jon Varley, Matt Buchman (MF-2, JF-2, R2)

Indiana District Championship
1-Bill Allen, CJ Zseplaki, Sam Russell (M5, 5A+, R2)
2-Bryan Bahler, Carl Taylor, Brad Wagnon (M5, 5A+, R2)
3-Jeff Schmahl, Andrew Schmahl, Lauren Schmahl (MF-2, JF-2, R2)

Complete Results

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