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What's in Jeff's Gear Bag?

Posted by on January 07, 2015

Jeff Eiber

In the second segment of our multi-part series discussing what the Dieball Team members keep in their gear bags, Jeff Eiber from Cleveland, OH talks shows us the details.

Here's what I carry in my old worn and torn canvas gear bag as I head out for racing: lots of hats for all sorts of conditions: polyester winter hats for wet cold days; visor for splash protection on hot days; full brim hats for light air and bright sun; cotton baseball cap for splash protection on bright, cooler days; folding southwester for heavy rain; neoprene kayaking hat with full ear covers for extreme cold or heavy splash protection.

For base layers: polyester long sleeve t-shirts, 2-3 layers to add or remove as the temperature changes during the day; compression shorts and long underwear for rash protection; cheapo polyester/nylon socks.

On warm days: sailing style polyester shorts and cotton or quick-dry long sleeve t-shirts; short sleeve spray top.

On cool days: thin neoprene top layer, polyester lined for cold or wet weather, thermal long johns, neoprene hiking pants with or without thigh pads for hiking comfort and bash protection.

Keelboat Racer Smock

Outer layers are: salopettes and spray tops; pullover life jacket; neoprene hiking boots.

For gloves any leather short fingered gloves work and for cold weather neoprene full finger gloves.

For vision: non prescription blue and amber glass lens polarized sunglasses; Prescription readers for reading sailing instructions.

All the little stuff; These are the items I keep in a small bag so they're always easy to find: various sunscreens; sailing watch with countdown timer; pencils; wet notes pad; razor knife; white tape roll; spare cotter rings; vhf radio; sticky-back repair tape; small dry bag; large Ziploc bags; racing rules of sailing

Finally for food and water: nalgene water bottle; a couple food bars; Naproxen; potassium supplements to prevent muscle cramps.

Jeff Eiber is a Technical Consultant for Dieball Sailing. Jeff is a world champion and is spending time with Dieball Sailing as a consultant focusing on our Tuning Guides and deliverables to customers. Jeff lives in Cleveland and sails just about anywhere there’s a huge event. We enjoy his level of detail and know that our customers will enjoy his approach to tuning and sailing their boats.

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