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Day Sailer



- Please see our Tuning Guide for performance tips -


We are especially pleased to announce that we have great Day Sailer designs! Skip Dieball, Ernie Dieball and Rick Rothenbuhler have been with our West Coast partner, Mike Gillum, for many years and have a wealth of knowledge in making these great boats go!  We are currently testing shapes against our already fast designs and look forward to introducing our final product in the near future. Stay tuned to for more information!


The DS is easily the fastest growing class for Dieball Sailing.  Our designs have caught fire at the national level, thanks to the success of Mike & Mardi Gillum.  They won the 2011 DS North Americans in Texas and nearly every event they've entered this year.  The ease in set up and trim will allow any DS sailor to gain an advantage on their fleet mates!  

Give us a call at the loft to get ready for this summer's excitement!