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Hoister Storage Systems


Product Description

Take back your garage. There’s a Harken hoister to get everything up and out of the way – bikes, boats, ladders, deck furniture, lawn and garden equipment, sports equipment, jeep tops, truck caps, rooftop carriers, you name it. We’ve got hoisters to lift loads from 45 to 200 lbs. Easy to install, easy to use.

Bike Lift

The Harken Bike/Utility Lift is the easiest way in the world to get your bike up and out of the way until you’re ready to ride. Effortlessly lift a bike weighing up to 45 lbs. and lock it in place. It lowers just as easily. A self-locking feature prevents accidental release, even if you drop the line. (H7807, H7800B, H7800B.16)

Canoes & Kayaks

Storing just about any kind of small boat is smooth sailing with the Harken Hoister. It’s easy to install and can hoist as high as 16’. The block and tackle system makes it easy to lift your boat, even loaded with gear. And the patented design lifts your load evenly, no matter how the weight is distributed. (H7801B, H7801B.12, H7801B.16, H7807, H7802B.16, H7808B, H7802B, H7802B.12)

Jeeps & Trucks

Don’t blow your top every time you want to remove your jeep top or truck cap. With a Harken Hoister, it’s a breeze. Just hook it up, lift it up, and lock it into position. When it’s time to put it back on, just lower it into place. Now, that’s a weight off your shoulders. (H7803B, H7803B.12, H7803B.16, H7803B.JEEP, H7806, H7806.12)

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