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- Please see our Tuning Guide for performance tips -


sears-1sq.jpgFrom the same drafting table that produced the Star boat, the Interlake is a popular regional class with 80% of its class within a 300 mile radius of Toledo, Ohio. That makes covering the class really easy for the group at Dieball Sailing.


Every single one of us at the loft race Interlakes regularly! The loft boat usually is the latest and greatest from the builder, Customflex. 


Feel free to contact us and learn more about what makes a champion. Our talented sailmakers produced the sails that have won the '06 in Hoover, '07 in Sandusky, '08 in Lorain, '09 National Championship in Traverse City &  2103 Nationals in Sandusky, OH.


Our loft racing schedule always includes Interlake events both local and at the National level.  For this reason, we have a very large knowledge base of rigging and tuning information.  We know specifically what works and why....but more importantly, we can let you know what doesn't in an effort to flatten your learning curve. Give Ernie, Rick or Skip a call.  Collectively, no group has as much experience in the Interlake!