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North Day Sailer Sails






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Day Sailer Mainsail


2015 North American Champion!

Built from a lighter, 3.8oz firmer coated cloth the North Day Sailer Main is designed with forgiving open leech that makes it easier to depower yet still has plenty of punch for the light and lumpy days..The forgiving shape rewards small mainsheet adjustments which are translated into superior point and speed.

This mainsail matches the bend characteristics of nearly all the most popular Day Sailer masts presently sailed.

Day Sailer mainsails include: 

  • Vision window
  • Spreader windows
  • Tapered battens
  • Sail numbers
  • Cunningham
  • Sail bag
  • Day Sailer insignia



Day Sailer Jib

2015 North American Champion!

The North Day Sailer Jib is built from a 4.5 ounce coated high performance fabric.

The AP jib features a relatively full and powerful entry to help make the boat easier to steer in light shifty winds or choppy, wavy conditions. The “wide groove” shape makes it easier for all skippers to get the Day Sailer up to speed quickly! It’s the sail you need for Chesapeake Bay in July!

Jib includes:

  • Window
  • Telltales
  • Sail bag
  • Luff wire


NEW! Soft Cloth Main and Jib Set

In addition to our fast racing sails, we are now offering a set of softer cloth day sailing sails for the Day Sailer class! Get the North quality on affordable sails and have fun! 


NEW! Radial Spinnaker

The class performance standard when it comes to downwind performance. The Radial Spin flies quicker, is easier to trim and more stable than any Day Sailor spinnaker ever designed. Available in Superlite or Nylon.

.75 Crosscut Spinnaker

The North .75 Crosscut Spinnaker is built out of .75 ounce Challenge Fleetwing fabric and designed with a relatively open upper leech area which helps project the shoulders for broad reaching and running conditions. With the pole slightly lowered, the spinnaker reaches exceptionally high as well.

The crosscut design helps to increase the durability by aligning the greatest strength of the cloth with the load line up and around the leeches of the spinnaker. 


>> Contact the Day Sailer Experts for additional information and questions about our products.