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North DN Iceboat Sails

North Sails DN Iceboat Sails

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North Sails' Mike Marshall interviews Chad Atkins on the new DN sail development
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DN Iceboat

North Sails DN BrochureNorth DN Iceboat sails have been designed with an eye for speed. All extra windage and weight have been shed, including the headboard, batten boxes, and batten ends. For ease of use in cold weather, the three full-length battens are adjusted using RBS rocket adjusters. These adjusters allow the batten tension to be eased at the end of the day and then re-tensioned by the same amount the next day. The single leech batten is removable without requiring tools. Another advantage of North DN sails is a flex-cord luff rope that allows the sail to slide easily through the mast track. In addition, the sails have two large windows for excellent visibility both off the starting line and sailing upwind. These windows also enable greater visibility when running and lying down.

North DN sails come standard with E-glass battens. Carbon battens that further reduces weight are available as an option/upgrade.

** When ordering North DN sails, please note the tack fitting that your sail requires.


MP Max Power Mainsail

The North Max Power main is designed for soft ice and light air. Whenever you need power, this is the sail for you. This sail is designed to give maximum power during acceleration and then to flatten out and provide just the power needed once top speed has been achieved. 

The MP Max Power is recommended for:

  • When there is a layer of snow on the ice
  • Super light breeze (0-5 knots)
  • If you are on the heavier end of the weight range

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APP All-Purpose Power Mainsail

The North All-Purpose Power main is a go-to sail designed to be used throughout a wide range of conditions. It has plenty of depth for speed and acceleration off the starting line, but it blades out easily and twists open at high speeds when the mast starts to bend. It also works well as a speed sail for heavier sailors. Although the APP performs at its best in mid-range wind and ice conditions, it’s so versatile that you needn’t worry you have the wrong sail up if conditions change mid-race.


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AS All Speed Mainsail

The North All Speed sail is designed for heavy air and clean ice. It is powerful enough to accelerate the boat off the line, but then it rapidly flattens out to reduce drag. Keeping the class girths at maximum helps to reduce lee helm at high speeds, thereby providing greater control and less chance of spinning out.

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For more information on the fast North DN Iceboat sails, contact our Class Experts.