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  • North Fisher Thistle Mainsail

North Fisher Thistle Mainsail

This Sail ships directly from North Sails. We will contact you with a delivery date.

Product Description

#1 2016, 2015, 2013 & 2012 Nationals!

The Fisher mainsail has been totally refaired which means that the computer has made the seams very smooth and consistent from head to foot and leech to luff...the result is a very pleasing sail to trim and a faster sail since it is exceptionally smooth. While it is slightly flatter down low, it is fairly full and powerful up high for true all-around performance. It is a slightly more mainsheet sensitive sail and due to its lighter, stiffer fabric reacts quickly to changes in wind velocity.

The Fisher main enjoys vang sheeting and is an ideal choice for those Thistlers who are most comfortable with vang sheeting when sailing in bigger breeze.

Now you can add our latest "Special Reef Package" to your Thistle main. With all the measurements and details assembled with the aid of a couple of Thistlers who are experienced experts at where reefs should be placed, we have the ideal setup for those who want to reduce area when its blowin' the dog off the chain! If you sailing short handed or a bit light, this new reef system will help you handle the Thistle easier and more safely. The package includes not only the reef reinforcements 17" above the foot, but also the extra windows enabling you to see other boats and the leech of your jib!

Mainsails include:

  • Battens
  • Sail numbers
  • Insignia
  • Vision window
  • Sail bag
  • Class Royalty

 "Historically I have always been competitive off the wind, but have generally been a little slower than the fast guys upwind. Last Saturday, it was like we had a gas pedal  going upwind. At times we were just as fast as the good guys, and at times we were actually faster upwind. Clearly the new sails and the mast tuning made all the difference". -- Jim Dixon