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  • North Sails J24 DX-7TT Newport Genoa
  • North Sails J24 DX-7TT Newport Genoa

North J24 DX-7TT Newport Genoa

This sail may ship directly from North Sails. We will contact you with a delivery date.

Product Description

2014 & 2015 Worlds Winner! 

The DX-7TT was developed to work in concert with the Newport FatHead Main which required a deeper, more forgiving J/24 Genoa. The 2015 World Championship winning design is constructed using the revolutionary black Twaron (aka Kevlar) and black Technora. The DX-7TT J/24 Genoa has enjoyed success in many venues, from the big breeze and chop of Newport to flatter water lake sailing but this sail really shines when your team is in full hiking mode! The Kevlar/Technora fabric does a great job in helping the sail hold it’s designed shape in bigger breeze which really helps match, this proven all-around performing sail, to many sailing styles. It is especially great for sailors who prefer a genoa with a little finer entry with the potential for higher pointing.

  • J/24 Genoa standard features:
  • Three vision windows
  • Telltale window
  • Tacking line
  • Cunningham
  • Sail numbers
  • Draft stripes
  • Roll bag
  • One-design tube roll bag
  • Class Royalty

The DX-7-7 design is also available out of Pentex® material.