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North Jet 14 Sails








North Fanned Panel Mainsail

2014 National Champions

The North Jet 14 Fanned Panel Mainsail is built out of Polyant 130 HTP sq. This main is full and powerful with a relatively open leech to help make it easy to de-power in a breeze and reduce stalling in light winds.


North SS2++ Jib

The North SS2++ Jet 14 Jib is built out of Polyant 130 HTP sq. It is a full and powerful in the entry but has a relatively straight open leech to help reduce stalling. It is a very easy jib to steer and because of the more open leech, an easy jib to trim. This jib is probably the best all around performer in the Class!


Spherical Spinnaker

The North Spherical spinnaker designed by our Chief Designer, Ched Proctor, is built from .5 oz. Nylon.The North Jet 14 Spherical Spinnaker is relatively open up top to help project the upper shoulders and keep the leeches open for top broad reaching and running performance. The more open leeches also help to open the slot in between the main and the spinnaker when sailing on a tight reach. The spinnaker should prove to be one of the new standards in the Class! 

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