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ns-logo-borderless-15-rgb.jpgDieball Sailing is now a dealer for North Sails. The North Sails brand is recognized worldwide for superior technology, design, and performance. North Sails have helped power more sailing teams to victory than any sailmaker in history. We have no plans on slowing down.

When it comes to top performing and durable upwind sails, North has two defined construction methods; 2D Paneled and 3D Molded.

The traditional method of sail construction is to stitch or glue together flat 2-dimensional segments (panels) of woven or laminated material to form a sail. Using a method called broad seaming, the edges of the panels are given curvature sp that when the assembled sail is pressurized by wind, it will assume a specified flying shape. In essence, 2D segments have been assembled to emulate a 3D form. This is how sails have been made for hundreds of years and how all 2D sails are still made today.

A More modern method of shaping a sail is to thermo-form it on a full-sized 3-dimensional mold in the precise flying shape it will assume when sailing. The resulting sail will have smooth, compound curvature in all directions and sail loads will be distributed more efficiently. Only North 3D sails (DDL or 3Di) are manufactured on full-sized 3-dimensional molds using a patented process.

North’s V-Series spinnakers are developed using our virtual wind tunnel, the first software to successfully model downwind, and deliver more power with less drag than any other spinnaker series in the world. A broad range of asymmetric and symmetric designs are available to match your boat and sailing style.

The same relentless competitive spirit that has driven North to dominate sailboat racing worldwide is also present in the support we give every one of our customers. We are committed to not only providing you with the world’s fastest sails, we also do everything we can to help your crew achieve it goals.

North Sails has helped power more sailing teams to victory than any other sailmaker in history. We have no plans on slowing down.