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The fastest Thistle Sails on the planet come from Dieball Sailing!


thistlebows-wm.jpgThistle sailing was born in Ohio.  It is no wonder that our team of Thistle experts are the best in the business.


For years we have been involved in not only producing the best sails, but also doing our part to help grow and foster the legacy of the Thistle Class. This class is engrained in the soul of Dieball Sailing!


In the late 1980s both Ernie and Skip Dieball competed throughout the Inter-Lake Yachting Association.  Like 100s of sailors before and after, they cut their competitive teeth in the Thistle Class as it has been the staple in the Sears competition for years.  The speed and handling of the Thistle are the hooks and ever since, they have been active in the TCA.


In 2011, Paul Abdullah joined the staff of Dieball Sailing to help our growing number of customers all over the country.   Paul has been sailing Thistles for nearly 20 years and brings a practical and sensible approach to teaching customers the finer points of Thistle Sailing.


Joined by fantastic team supporters like Greg & Scott Griffin and Craig Koschalk, the Dieball Sailing Thistle team is more like a traveling road show of support.  This is why you should consider climbing on board with Dieball Sailing's Thistle team.  It is the learning & support that will have you itching for that next regatta!


Our sails aren't bad either.  Chief Designer, Rick Rothenbuhler, systematically enhances our products every year to ensure that we are going faster and the sails are living up to our customers' expectations with durability.  Rick has done an amazing job and shoulders a lot of the credit in our recent successes.