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Used Sails




Dieball Sailing is proud to offer Used Sails on via We are currently offering sails used by our team for events or testing as well as sails consigned by others.

Dieball Owned Used Sails – These sails are sold “as-is” and do not comply with our normal warranties and guarantees. When we list a sail, we will explain the difference between it and its new counterpart. We will also explain how it was used and an approximate usage time in hours. In most cases, there will be an option to add a sail bag, draft stripes, and a class royalty. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about any of these sails.

Consigned Sails – If a sail is listed as Consigned, it is sold “as-is” and does not come with any guarantees or warranties. This sail is owned by a private owner and, in most cases, resides with that customer. The description, usage, flaws and general conditions are not backed up by Dieball Sailing and the current owner is accountable. You may purchase consigned sails on the Dieball Sailing web site, or contact the customer directly to make the transaction.

Selling Used sails - If you wish to list a sail on our site, please send us an email with the Class, Year, Make, Usage and condition of the sail along with any pictures you make have. We will keep the sail active for 60-days. If you wish to extend this term, simply send us an email. If the transaction is made through the Dieball Sailing Shopping Cart, the customer will be charged your price, plus shipping. This amount, minus 20% will be credited to your customer account for use in the future. If you sell the sail outside of the Dieball Shopping Cart, you MUST contact us to let us know that it is no longer available to avoid double sales of the same sail. The seller is responsible for producing any sails sold via the Dieball Sailing Shopping Cart in a timely manner. The seller is also responsible for all shipping fees.

Donating the Proceeds – If you sell a sail via the Dieball Sailing Shopping Cart and choose to have any or all of the proceeds donated to a Sailing Team, School, or other Association, please send us the contact information for that program and we will setup a Customer Account and credit them with the proceeds from the sale and shipping minus 10%. We will also ask that association to forward you a receipt.

If you have any questions about our Used Sail program, please contact us