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Congratulations to Dieball Sailing’s Paul Abdullah and his crew Marie Thompson on they victory in the 2014 Y Flyer Nationals. 


In 2013, Paul began to work with Rick Rothenbuhler on a new design for the Y Flyer class.  Our previous designs had performed well with the help of some of the more successful Y sailors, but Paul wanted to make sure that the sails were easy to trim and fast!  The result was an impressive with by Paul at the Y Nationals in ’14.


Our Dieball Sailing Y Flyer Main/Jib combo is lethal!  With speed and easy of tuning, any Y sailor with any level of experience can squeeze more out of there boat speed!  Durability was important to Paul as well and both he and Rick worked with our partners at Dimension Polyant to match the right cloth with our panel layouts to ensure that our sails will last!


Drop Paul and email to find out more about our Y sails, or click the links on this page.


Paul Abdullah: